Client Reviews

See what some of our clients are reporting about their experience working together and Real Premier Team’s Way of Concierge Customer Service.

"My husband and I owned a property along side our son. He wanted to sell and relocate which can be challenging. Erica walked with us, counseled us, soothed us, and, most importantly communicated regularly with us regarding both the sale of the property and purchase of the relocation site. She and her team were always professional and honest about everything. I highly recommend Erica to anyone needing real estate counsel. She gets the job done. Thanks, Erica!"

"Erica provided the support and confidence I needed to sell my grandfather's estate. She was great with frequent and effective communication and she always listened to my questions and concerns. Her proactive work ethic is one of the reasons I would recommend her to all of my friends and acquaintances without hesitation."

"We are grateful for Erica. She was very helpful walking us through the buying process. As first time homebuyers I can't imagine what we would have done without her."

"I enjoyed working with Erica and her team. She was diligent in her effort to meet my goals for my home's sale. She demonstrated unique talents with her methods for finding a qualified buyer to complete the sale; and her follow through was refreshing compared to what I am seeing as common practice with other agents these days."

"You were a godsend at a critical time for us. Thank you!!!"

"You are amazing. A real pro. What a pleasure."

"Immediately I felt you were the right person, who I’d been looking for, to work with. I appreciate how hard you worked to find us a home. I am thankful to God that I met you."

"Thank you for making the selling process incredibly simple and seamless… and thank you for your patience."